New Pro... out of the box... will not work

Did the searching… took the steps… no results. Pretty frustrating to have a $6000 purchase just sit there.

First it would just say scanning, scanning, scanning. Endlessly scanning.
Shut it all down, unplugged from wall, reset router, cleaned lenses with the ONE Zeiss wipe they included in the box.

Fired it back up and now it gives the LID OPEN error.

Shut it down and cleaned it all again, check the ribbon connections, which all seem secure. Fire it back up…


I assure you the neither the lid, nor the passthrough on the front is open.

Should I just pack it back up in the box?

My very first machine has the Lid Open issue. There are a couple things you can check while waiting on support!

Take photos of the ribbon connections, and post them here. Support will probably ask for this.

Make sure your machine is on a completely stable surface. Put it on the ground if you have to. The machine is sensitive to bending, so if it is on a table that folds, it could have issues. If you have a solid surface, you’re probably fine, but just double check.

Make sure the lower door is completely closed too and the magnets are engaged. No dust, no debris, nothing.

Hope this helps! But also keep an eye out for what Support says.


I also see you emailed us about this. After reviewing everything, I want you to have a reliable unit and I’ve followed up there with the next steps to receive a replacement.

I’m so sorry about the bad news.