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For the last two days, I’ve encountered a new problem that I don’t remember having read about here before. When i click the print button, it scans and then says preparing like usual, but then goes back to scanning and locks up. Sometimes it takes several minutes before it gets to the ready phase, and sometimes it never comes back. After several reboots of both the gf and the gfui, I was able to get it to print each time. But very annoying. If it’s caused by a software update I would expect to see others writing in about it, but I’ve seen nothing here. Not an urgent problem as I was eventually successful in getting my last minute gifts made. But it took a long time between each print. Anyone else having this problem? If gf folks want to look at the logs, it happened tonight around 8 pm at time, and yesterday afternoon. Thx!

They’ve changed that screen a little bit. It’s waiting for the job to fully process and download to the Glowforge before it says to push the button. If you are doing an engrave that can take a few minutes to process and download, it can seem like it hangs.

I have had the same problems and like you I got it to work with reboots. But, just today I suddenly got a lid open message and my pro has stoped working. I have sent a message to support and posted it here, but I am dead in the water at this point and I was working on a Christmas project.

It’s been really inconsistent for the same print. One time it locked up for more than 15 minutes before I cancelled and hit print again. And then it was ready in 30 seconds or so…


Gratefully I haven’t had that problem. So frustrating when you have deadlines! Hope yours gets fixed soon!

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I’m so sorry for the trouble.

Can you send me some of the files you were having trouble with. You can post them here, or email them to us directly at

Ours was doing the same thing at times… It would just seem as it didn’t want to get to the point where you could print… would have too reboot and restart the Glowforge to get it going… Now we are stuck with the Lid Open error and have tried everything the forums suggest…

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.