New prototypes, one successful, one not so much


So the ladies tobacco-burst geometric shape cuff prototype is one we’ll move to production, but the feather cuff is one of those “back to the drawing board” moments. Both were initially cut on the GF, then burnished, dyed, and other finishing by hand.

The latter was an experiment with finishing steps that didn’t quite work out the way I thought they would (the order of finishes applied altered the colors of the white & turquoise paints), so I’ll give that one another go before it gets the green-light.

The geometric cuff was my version/attempt at a similar design I’d seen floating around (several other designs actually, so I don’t feel bad creating my own pattern in AI for our use), and my wife and mother absolutely loved it. That’s one I’ll only slightly tweak (more colors/finishes) before moving it to our online offerings (once we, ya know…actually set up an online store…LOL =).

My wife is completely thrilled with the things we can now make, and it’s all because of the GF. Her jewelry line was already pretty danged good (biased opinion of course =), but he enthusiasm for being a maker has never been higher than it is right now. She is totally diggin it! =)


My All time fave so far…LOVE IT!!:grinning:


Stalker much? /wink


Actually, I quite like the feather one. They are both amazing!


The cuff rocks!


So what is it about the feather that you don’t like? Would one more snap fix it (to hold things straight)? Just wondering since both cuffs look good to me.

Welcome both of you @ej.james and @shelly.james to the forums! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.


Way too many things about the feather for me to list, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I might be a tad hard on the design. =)

Snaps placed incorrectly; resolene vs atom wax vs Aussie conditioner and the order they were applied; white/turquoise leather paints being affected by that order and changing colors…etc.

Next version will be better. Every time I make a new “Gen #” I try to make sure they incorporate the lessons learned from their previous iteration. Once I work out all the bugs we’ll green-light them for production.

I definitely appreciate the feedback. As with many before me, I’m my own worst critic, so the kind words are definitely appreciated. My goal is to always do better the next time, and feedback is the means to that end.

Thanks all. Looking forward to always doing better based on suggestions, recommendations, and other feedback. :heart:


Yeah, I like em both! :smile:


When I am showing something to the wife I will ask, 'Do you want me to show you where it went wrongly?"
She usually will either point it out (if really that bad) or decline to know.

Smart lady, because she knows once it is seen, you own it forever.


Ooooh, that first one!!! Now you have to find a good use for all those little leather rectangles! :slight_smile:


Very nice!