New prototypes, one successful, one not so much



My All time fave so far…LOVE IT!!:grinning:



Actually, I quite like the feather one. They are both amazing!


The cuff rocks!


So what is it about the feather that you don’t like? Would one more snap fix it (to hold things straight)? Just wondering since both cuffs look good to me.

Welcome both of you @ej.james and @shelly.james to the forums! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.



Yeah, I like em both! :smile:


When I am showing something to the wife I will ask, 'Do you want me to show you where it went wrongly?"
She usually will either point it out (if really that bad) or decline to know.

Smart lady, because she knows once it is seen, you own it forever.


Ooooh, that first one!!! Now you have to find a good use for all those little leather rectangles! :slight_smile:


Very nice!


They are both really nice!


So here’s a question…since those snap sets aren’t exactly super cheap – is there a source for the extra bottom sides, or do you just end up throwing away a lot of top sides when you double the bottom sides to allow for multiple sizing? I’ve only been able to find them in pairs, so far.

(It that doesn’t actually make sense, don’t judge me. I’m on post-op drugs!)



Great lab there! Mine is spread out across a fairly divided basement (and piled high right now), but still gon’ be epic when it’s ‘complete.’


Wow, so organized!
What’s the press on the lower left for?



Please tell me the picture was taken just after a clean up. My space deteriorates steadily until it looks like a grenade went off in there.
It gets reorganized when I can’t find what I’m looking for, then out of frustration its “All Stop”. Fix this.
That’s when I’m inspired to take a picture, when it looks like yours.