New refurbished printer request

I am looking for a response to purchase a refurbished printer. it has been a few days and have not heard anything.

Glowforge Support does not monitor the forum. Your only communication pathway is email or phone.


thank you. just trying to exhaust all my options.

It’s also normal to not hear anything for a few days, especially right now while they’re backed up, and at this stage in the process you’re in. There’s a lot of steps with a lot of communication to set up the purchase of a refurbished printer (generating an RMA with the warehouse that will accept your return and preparing the associated return paperwork for you to print, preparing and purchasing your return shipping labels, checking with their logistics partners for inventory of the replacement machine they want to sell you, making up the invoice in their Shopify system for the replacement, etc) that all has to happen before they can get back to you.

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