New replacement laser won't cut through proofgrade

So, my new replacement GF just arrived. I hooked it up and tried to print the PG Draftboard Gift of Good Measure and it doesn’t seem to be cutting through. I’m a bit frustrated that this is the second machine that isn’t working great out of the gate. Someone help, please.

Thanks a ton in advance!

Of note, I tried the Gift of Good Measure twice and it didn’t cut all the way through. I then went into inkscape and created a simple circle and it cut that just fine. Not sure why it would cut through a regular vector fine but then not cut through for a GF design?

That is extra odd! Any chance the material wasn’t flat when you tried GoGM?

Also, it’ll help support out if you post pictures of the failed prints - and the time you took them - so they can look at the logs to see what it looked like on their end

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I used the same board in the same position to do both the failed GoGM prints and the random circle print. The board is flat against the crumb tray and seems to have no warping. I just wiped down everything and will try again. I’ll be sure to note times and take pics if this third print fails. Thanks!


First picture is pre print, second is post print.

You can see that my Inkscape svg cut just fine, but the GoGM won’t cut through.

I wonder if you don’t have a corrupted file with the Gift of Good Measure. Could you try resetting it to the factory settings and then trying it one more time? (It is possible to accidentally change the settings being used in the Glowforge files - they’re not locked in.)

Instructions for how to do that here:


Thanks @Jules! I’ll give this a try right now!

Reset design and it still didn’t cut all the way through. :sob:

Did it get closer? Is it almost all the way through? (You can slow the speed down in the manual settings by a few points (5-10) to make it cut all the way through in a single pass. Or just send a second cut without moving the material.)

No, its not even close to all the way through. My first laser (which got sent back due to incorrect wiring) cut through PG materials first time every time… so its a bit frustrating that I should have to adjust the settings manually for a feature that should do the work itself.

Realistically speaking, things like warping and swelling of the wood from humidity still prevent that from being an achievable goal for me, but what concerns me about your case is that it cut the circle without a problem, but not the Gift of Good Measure. Did you look at the specific cut settings for the Gift of Good Measure file and compare them to the regular default cut settings for cutting through medium draftboard to see if they are the same?

So I tried another SVG that I had and cut it on that PG medium draftboard and it cut perfectly. The settings for the SVG that cut and the cut settings on the GoGM are both set to 183/full. It literally makes no sense to me why outside designs are cutting but GF made designs are not.

You’re right, it doesn’t. Do you have any other Glowforge files you can test?

I do, I’m testing the right now! :slight_smile: Will let you know what happens!

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I cut this earring design from the GF premade template and it cut almost all the way through, same 183/full as the other prints… could there be something that is causing the laser to cut differently even though all settings are the same? Again, the custom designs are cutting just fine, its just the GF premade designs that seem to be having issues.

So now it’s getting more strange. The left was a generic keychain from the GF catalog and it cut, so I tried GoGM again and the cut line didn’t even go all the way at the bottom? It still didn’t cut through at all, but the line fades at the bottom as if the laser stopped?

Yeah… hmmmmm…

Okay, last thing to check…you might need to check the connection on the white ribbon cable under the laser arm. You know how to do that by now…just check to make sure it’s plugged all the way in and clicked closed. If it is, you might need to check the pins inside. Make sure none are bent or broken.