New take on the old Lunch Box

Hey All, Just saw this and thought it was a cool idea.
Can’t wait to design something similar using the GF and living hinges and engravings.
So many ideas. :slight_smile:


Wow are we really at the point where even our lunch boxes have an iPhone app.


I wonder if people still realize its only going to be a great lunch if you put good stuff in it…lol
I love the comparison shots of what others are eating.


Yes, what my wife would pack in a paper bag would turn his head…


Hey man, I was born mid fifties - most of what we play with now and accomplish was science fiction, and that curve continues to accelerate!


What, you mean like Dick Tracy’s video watch? :wink:

Also born in the mid 50’s.


Perfect example!

To expand on that: What amazes me even more is that we are so blessed with bountiful food through our hard work and sacrifices of so many, that we can plan our meals with apps and calorie counting and tracking, while nations like Venezuela have descended so badly that the govt there is now controlling all of the food and rationing it out to the population, and it’s no where near the required calories per day. Not to mention how many other millions of people in the world are starving, and don’t have clean water.

I’m going to give my parents a huge hug when I see them next and thank them for coming here to give our family a better life.

God Bless America!!


and yet I hear we have approximately 14% of the population that doesn’t have access to enough food.

You should see the garbage cans full of good but unsold food that gets thrown out by many restaurants & diners in NYC at the end of each day. That alone could probably solve the whole world’s food problems.

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There is a guy, Finnish I think. Who travels to major cities, and while enroute to the next one he organizes and oversees prep for a meal for 500 using only food that is to be disposed of from grocery stores that day.
He pulls it off and heads to the next city. His point is to bring awareness to food waste.

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I love it!

The world actually produces more food (caloric contentwise) than is needed. The problem is distribution. In the U.S. and most 1st world countries we don’t understand that food distribution is a means of control for many governments worldwide. Enormous quantities of food rotting in warehouses and on docks the world over.

Look to Syria for an example - last week aid workers were let into some of the more ravaged cities bringing some medical supplies but were prohibited from bringing food. They were told it was “complicated” to bring food & water and that would have to wait.

I’m pretty sure I have some kind of tea canister in that shape. I might have to make my own. My kids are going to be so jealous when we eat together at home!

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Good point! Not to mention how in many places it is stolen by the corrupt ones in power; both donated charitable food and locally grown crops. And this is nothing new, of course; goes back as far as the beginning of time. Stalin starving 15 - 20 million Ukrainians to death by stealing their wheat and selling it to raise money for arms is one of the most egregious examples that comes to mind.

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