New *Thanksgiving* themed video - thoughts?



Hi everyone! As Dan mentioned, I’ve been trying out a video contractor and this is one of the first videos we put together. I haven’t posted it anywhere else quite yet - would love to hear what you think!


Who doesn’t love a hand turkey?



Thanks for putting the effort in for this video!! It’s exciting to see a video that’s not a webcam or a cellphone! (I like those too though)


Cute. Custard pie? Looks yummy. That Glowforge looks like it’s been through the wringer, but so pretty on the outside. Nice. Thanks for posting.


It’s great that you can make a nice ornament so easily. :grin:

If I hadn’t seen it to be wood, I would have thought it was a cookie and I would have eaten it. :laughing:


I will take a Glowforge with my pie!


I like the video but I’d like it more with a few more table accessories like custom nametags, @maryelle’s wheat sheath, or engraved cork trivets.


Yes, writing “Aunt Sue” on the turkey would be a nice touch!


It looks great…tells a story that everyone can relate to. (It’s a keeper.) :relaxed:


Great idea, customization is always a winner!


In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme…you could do a follow up video with the wife knocking out a few quick emergency coasters to place under the cans the guys are drinking from while watching the game.

Might make a cute little series.


Very well done, I think the trace function is a strong demo of the innovation embodied in the Glowforge.
If I were putting that together, I would add one scene, or modify the one showing the design in the interface to illustrate the resize, rotate and drag/drop functions.
It would be really powerful to see the operation done from either a tablet or a phone - particularly a phone, since they are ubiquitous and our interface with the world.
Those would demonstrate some of the power the cloud interface brings, which is a great way to distinguish yourself from the crowd.
Just my opinion. :grin: Thank you for sharing that Bailey!


A modern update on a Thanksgiving classic. Everyone can relate to it.


Here we don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but I get the idea. I like it :slight_smile:


That was fun and cute and great! Thank you!


I like it. Quick cute, like a teaser trailer.


I think it would depend on the intended market segment for each video. I’m sure all current owners would like to see more interface p*rn, but keeping with the household appliance marketing they’ve used since the beginning, I think it’s more powerful without the tech details.

Trace your hand, add embellishments (:heart: the “Aunt Sue” idea!), scan & print – it’s simple and engaging while not scaring off the non-techies.


Follow-up #2: Middle-age relatives are out playing in the annual family football (gridiron, not real football :wink:). Meanwhile the wise parent/spouse/SO glances out the window, sees what’s going on, and cuts out an arm splint for the inevitable ER visit…


Ha! Ha! Having just gone to the ER today for a broken finger this idea made me chuckle! …I’m fine!


Very nice video and I agree with all of the critiques too🤗