New to gf. Flask

New to gf. 2 days actually. Can anyone tell me how to engrave on a flask. It is too tall for the tray so I have removed that and built a platform for the has a slight curve of approx. 1/8 inch in the center. First one the center came out fine cut the edges faded

This isn’t something that Support can help with (posting in this section opens a support ticket), so I’m going to move it over to Beyond the Manual so the community can help out instead. :slight_smile:

Your best bet is going to be setting the focus to 1/2 the difference between the curves and the edges. Also make your platform so that 1/2 way point is at the bottom of the lens’ range.


@customcraftstore welcome to the forum.

The search function in the top right next to your user icon is your friend. I know there are many forum discussions on engraving metal flasks.

Basically you can use Cermark or Laserbond to mark your flasks with bonded ink.

on anodized or painted aluminum flasks, the :glowforge: will vaporize the paint and leave the bare metal, in which case you need to invert the contrast of your image (negative) to obtain the desired result (positive).

This is a sample search for the word “flask”

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Okay, sorry. I’m new and I can’t figure out how to use this machine. Is there any education to teach me how to use it?

Thank you in advance

I’m very new at this and not sure how to set the focus to that setting. Do you know where I can get education on how to use this machine?

Getting fustrated, thank you in advance

No apologies for being new, we all started somewhere.

Since you’re new here’s a post that will lead you to a lot of info:

It’s not a direct answer to your flask questions, but surprisingly that might be the right way to tackle this: my advice is to go through the basics first and come back to your flask project.

While it’s really tempting to jump into more custom or advanced projects right away, I have found that taking a little time to ramp up your skills and do research/tests first really pays off.


Yes, did you follow the link to the “your first prints” tutorials at the end of the setup process? If you work through that entire list of tutorials you’ll have a good basic grounding in using your GF and understanding how the settings work. Here’s where to find them: Your First Prints – Glowforge


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