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Hello- Has anyone had any luck with materials and settings with the Spark? I’m so confused as to it won’t cut 1/8 thick material, but it’s proofgrade from michaels. Can someone tell me what I can order from Amazon that will cut on spark? Thanks in advance

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I have a Spark, and I find it cuts the Proofgrade eco thin acrylic with the Proofgrade settings. I have also had good luck cutting black acrylic (non Proofgrade) 1/8" with the same settings.
As for what you can order from Amazon, I don’t have any experience with their acrylic. You must be aware that no matter the source, the Spark will not cut clear, white, blue, mirrored or glitter acrylic. It also will not cut specialty acrylics that have a clear core.


I bought some 1/8 in. birch plywood at woodworkers warehouse near me. I use the light maple plywood setting. I tired the maple, cherry and poplar settings and the maple was the cleanest cut for birch plywood. It cuts, engraves and scores nicely. I masked it with blue painter’s tape. Also bought 1/8 in maple plywood, but I haven’t used it yet. The prices were way cheaper than proof grade. I did buy some proofgrade acrylic from Michael’s and it cut it with no problem. It also cut the proofgrade cherry that came with it. This maybe an obvious question, but your metal tray with hexagon cutouts is inserted correctly?


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You are doing the right things by testing materials and working out settings that work for you. Be aware, however, that Glowforge does not recommend medium (1/8") plywood for the Aura/Spark.


1/16th and 1/8th acrylic depending on colour.

The main reason PG is more expensive is that it’s literally guaranteed to work. So take that same piece of acrylic and run the Gift of Good Measure on it, take pictures (front and back) of the failed print and reach out to I’d start with a phone call.