New to the Glowforge!

Hi There!
I’m new to Glowforge! I just received my Glowforge Pro, and I am wondering if others have the same issue as I do? Every time I try a catalog design, and its more than one step, when I go to the second step in the design, and put in different proof grade materials inside the bed…my Glowforge just sits there saying its focusing, but I turn the machine off then on again for it to work! Does everyone have to turn off their machine each time you cut/engrave something and when you want to do another design turn it back on so that the Glowforge centres etc?

You should not have to turn your machine off and back on. Contact Glowforge support.


That’s not normal, you shouldn’t have to restart the machine ever. Seconding contacting customer support so they can fix or replace it for you.


Agreed. Support might be able to see what’s going on from logs. The only time I turned mine off was when I was done using it for the day.


I sure do appreciate your replies! I will contact Support in the morning! Thank you all!!

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