New User about to return machine. Multiple issues...please help!

Issue number one I think we kinda resolved with smell despite venting out window. Onto printing…everytime I type in a text box or load a design on the screen, when I go to click print it moves. Sometimes it doesn’t move until after I click print and once the glowforge button is hit. What would cause this?
Second, I am testing a 2 inch thick wood jewelry/cigar box and the machine keeps pushing my product in the bed. It meets the height requirements. I even removed the crumb tray and it still keeps catching. What would cause this?

(one) you need to use “Set Focus” to get the lid camera view to adjust correctly before printing.
(two) your material/subject is too tall.


I always use set focus before clicking print though…and I’ve seen videos of people using this very same product to engrave or score. I put in their exact parameters. Are you saying that in the Pro you can NOT have items that are 2 inches in height? I thought the limit was 2.5?

The limit is 2". If it is hitting the head, it is too tall.


I still don’t understand what would cause the design or text box to move if I use the focus tool and printing on a flat piece of either proof grade material OR a .5 inch thick cutting board. I have had this problem happen on both products.

I also calibrated the machine and set focus so that can’t be it either.

Are you using set focus before placing your artwork?

The correct order for success is:

  • place material in GF
  • run set focus on material nearest where you’ll cut/engrave
  • place artwork per the newly set focus adjusted camera view
  • set cut/ engrave settings
  • hit print

Also- have you done the First Three Prints tutorials? I think those would practically answer some of these operational questions you’re having.

Are you taking out the crumb tray and then raising the cutting board up into focus range?
Crumb tray in 1/2” is skating close to too high, crumb tray out and placed on the GF floor it’s too low.


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Please work through the Glowforge tutorials and familiarize yourself with the interface, height limitations, the tools (set focus) and print size limitations (10.9" x 11.5" for cutting and less if there are engraves) so that you can get the full benefit of your machine. Everything you are describing is normal Glowforge behavior.


Another issue you may be having:
The machine can only just clear a 2" object if the crumb tray is first removed however, if any part of that material is in the way of the gantry on the left or the right side it will get moved when the gantry tries to move the head toward the front of the machine.


I think the company only guarantees placement by camera within 1/4". But, if you calibrated and followed the steps above, you should get a much better result than that.

If you are off by more than 1/4" when doing it by the book then you may have grounds for an exchange.

Many people will still to a test zap to verify placement before doing a full power run, too. In your artwork, place a simple rectangle that is the size of the artwork. Give it a unique stroke color. Put some masking tape on your object (if it is not masked already) and cut the bounding box only, at a very low power… Like speed 200, power 2. If you have the power set correctly you will see your bounding box drawn as a faint line. If it’s in the right place, great. Do your full power run. If not, move the artwork on the screen and test again.


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