"New Users Limited to 3 Replies Per Post"


I bought my Glowforge PLUS second-hand from a local user, and you were kind enough to handle the transfer of ownership of the printer onto my account. However, your transfer process did not confer upon me the badge of “Owner” which I considered to be a cosmetic problem only - until tonight.

Suddenly the forum is telling me that as a “new user” I am limited to 3 posts per topic. I had not run into this limit before, and in fact had already been allowed to make more than 3 replies in the topic I was contributing to - which was to help a fellow Glowforge Owner with repair of his machine.

Please consider lifting this limit. I’ve been an active participant on this forum since before I made my purchase. I love the product and this community, and I would like to be able to contribute here without jumping through hoops.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and be well.


To clarify, I think the forum software is somehow misconfigured or glitching. According to what I’ve read about the Discord default levels of trust, I should be well into level 2. I am not asking you to lower the standards on the site. I believe something is misbehaving.


Strangely, I just tried to reply to @eflyguy’s post and got this:
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 1.15.37 PM


Thanks @eflyguy, but why would it be telling me that I am a new user, and that this is my first day on the forum? I’ve been here since January.


@ChristyM and @eflyguy, thank you both for the answers. I’m sure you are right, but what is strange is that I am positive that I’ve exceeded every one of these limits here in the past, and suddenly as of late yesterday something changed.

I will wait for tech Support to straighten it out.

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It’s the “user” vs. “owner” status. Support should be able to change that.

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Again, “user” does not follow the same trust levels as “owner” - it’s designed for additional users of a machine - students in a class, for example. It is not expected they would participate here.


Until you have an owner designation, you’ll get that error and you’re blocked from using a number of forum features. It’s an ongoing issue, especially in terms of support, and in particular for situations where more than one person shares ownership of the GF.

If ownership was properly transferred, you should get the owner designation, though, so that’s what I’d focus on.

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For the exact reason I stated.

Forum owners can set conditions for most rules. In this case, it appears they have chosen to permanently assign “users” the lowest trust level.

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That is weird. Hopefully support can help. FWIW, I was a “user” for 4 months when I first joined 2 years ago and hit this wall constantly until I bought my GF. Really frustrating!

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Thank you for your patience. I’ve updated your account and you should see the changes after you sign back in. Would you try again and let me know?

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If this post appears, then you probably got it. Thanks in advance for your quick response!

Though I’m not seeing the badge…

Now I got it. I logged out of the Dashboard instead of the discussion board. Thank you so much!


Fantastic! Since I’ve resolved this issue for you, I’m going to close this thread.

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