New vector software for Mac



Haven’t seen anyone mention it here.


Thanks…just downloaded the trial.


Thanks. I will take a look at this.

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I played with the demo last night. For $20, it’s a decent little app. and one that I won’t mind recommending to someone who asks about design apps. I’m so used to Affinity now though, I can’t see myself bothering to use Amadine. Though my time with it was short, I couldn’t see anything that AD doesn’t already have. There was one thing though that I would not like…the drop down menu of fonts does not show the actual appearance of the fonts…nor, does it change it as you scroll when your text is highlighted. It’s only a list of the font names…and though I remember many, I don’t remember all and it would be a PITA to go looking for a font in that way. There are many times that I decide spur-of-the-moment on one just because I can see in the preview what it’s going to look like.