NEW video (with BONUS cute baby!)


No, we didn’t print the baby on a Glowforge…but it’s in the hopper. :wink:


Very squeee worthy! :smiley:

(You’re not expecting are you?)


Hahahaha nope! But I have been attending an increasing # of baby showers lately!


Okay…just checking. :grin: (We’d have to get you set up on the Glowbabies thread.)


I think a better tool for printing the baby would be a 3D printer – but the cradle seems to be a perfect fit for the Glowforge :relaxed:


That is so great! And have you taken acting classes, or are you just a natural?


Hmmm…it looked like it was cutting further to the left than my Pre-Release will. I’ve got an inch margin between the edge of the tray and where I can cut. The lower left of the cuts here look like they’re almost to the edge.




BABY!!! :squee:

This is on my list of things to make once I get a Glowforge! But it’s going to be more forest themed.


Looks great! Although, some constructive criticism: I would never hang that over an actual baby. Filaments like hair, thread, and monofilament/fishing line can get tangled around their fingers and toes and cut off circulation, and the wooden hooks could break and turn into choking hazards if the baby gets ahold of one of the ornaments and pulls (babies have a surprisingly strong grip!)

I would recommend using some chunky yarn or ribbon, and tying it through holes in the top bit (with a good amount of hot glue to hold it in place) to remediate the safety issues.


Does your wife know? You could get started before the GF arrives. Fun practicing anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Perhaps I should have watched my phrasing. :grin:


in 50 years, people will ask why not


Haha oh you flatter me. I have done my fair share of community theatre and school plays, and I was university theatre club president. Not much film though (before my debut in the Glowforge crowdfund video, that is!)


It definitely shines through :blush:


:slight_smile: very cute!


All valid points!

It reminds me of a mobile we received from a friend. I lifted it up and was surprised how heavy it was! Each little bee was a clay piece which was tied on by a leather lace. I insisted that we were not going to hang this above her crib because one of the bees could fall off and knock her out (well, maybe not knocked her out, but if landed in the right spot could do some serious damage…like her eyeball). Well, I never got around to hanging it so my wife hung it on a hanger in the closet. And wouldn’t you know, as she was doing that, a bee fell off and hit the floor with a thud!

But this mobile, with @pdobrien’s suggestions, I would hang above her crib! Nice work!!! :smiley:


Good looking out


There are all sorts of things that you never think about, until you witness the destructive power that is a small child!


Alright… I’ll admit it. Made me smile. :slight_smile: