New Vinyl products

I searched to see if the new vinyl can be used with the GF or is it the Aura only? I could not locate the information.

Thank you.

Should work with both if your talking about the iron on product. Never put true vinyl in your machine.



I am referring to the vinyl GF just released.

Yes that will work with both. There new product is called eco iron on and contains no true vinyl so it’s safe.
If you want to see some more info about it I put together this video a few days ago between their new eco iron on materials and regular vinyl if it helps in anyway:


Thank you so much.


A Cricut or similar can be picked up for less than $200 and works with any kind of cheap vinyl and iron-on materials. I even use it with shelf-liner for temporary decals for cars shows, as an example. It takes up no space when not in use.

It’s cool to have a laser but it is not the best tool for everything.


Thank you.

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