New Years Flasher

This is something I just did pretty quickly and I think it came out good but I’m also now thinking of ways to improve it and to make it more usable.

Here’s the back side… like the lightsaber, its powered by a coin battery and uses a on/off switch, RGB flashing LED and copper tape instead of wires. I opted to put the battery external (although sunken into the wood) instead of holding the panel on with screws… just thought it would make things easier. But actually that battery holding has given me issues with the copper tape as the leads are not that long.

Ways To Improve

I’m thinking I can make the acrylic piece have the ability to slide out, having some way of locking it into place though, and being replaced with different sayings or holidays etc. Sell it as a kit with a few different acrylics and have more available later. Also custom ones could be made. But the body would have to be made better first.

  1. Change the draftboard to plywood or maybe even an opaque acrylic.

  2. Again add a way to replace acrylic messages.

  3. Redesign electronics for battery holder to ensure it doesn’t fail.

Any other suggestings?


Sweet! I wouldn’t change a thing, I like the shape. :grinning:


Good idea, but I have to get through Christmas first!


Well no… I could just make a christmas message for it. Changing the “Happy New Years” text to something else… something plain… maybe even my logo. Then say Merry Christmas etc on the acrylic.


Yes! I did an edge-lit night light for my grandaughters, and I can just mail them new inserts for the occasion or season.