New York Maker Faire 2016 Attendance



I decided to make this wiki so people can put what days they are going to New York Maker Faire. Figured it was easier to consolidate this in one place.


@takitus + 2

(no dan)

Unable to attend
dhanvinddvs :cry:
marmak3261 :smiling_imp:
cmreeder :money_with_wings:
elsman18 :hatching_chick::airplane:
smcgathyfay :sleepy::sob::poop:
tbelhumer (I sprinkler cars)
fan-of-glowforge :wine_glass: <–cool-aid
soldiercoleman :nerd:

Who's going to MakerFaire NYC 2016!?

Saturday and Sunday for me


The main post is a wiki, so you can click the pencil at the bottom of it and add your name in.


I edited the post to add you. The original post was created as a wiki so I’m presuming we shoukd all edit that one and that puts us all in one post vs spread over a whole thread.


I didn’t even realize that was a thing in this forum. Thanks.


This whole discourse thing is a nifty bowl of oats


I’ll probably be there Saturday. Its my first Maker Faire!! I hope to meet some of you

— oooo i just figured out the wiki!


I thought there was a 10 person limit for @ references. We will find out if that applies to wiki as well shortly.

Also… doing both days. Fly in way late Friday, leave pretty early Monday. Absolutely interested in a meet-up. Probably after the Faire closes for either (both?) day.


Right now I so wish I was not stuck in the deep south where none of the good stuff ever happens


Wilson, AR is hoping to make themselves the “Silicon Valley of the Maker Movement”

So, if they somehow meet that lofty ambition (they damn well better, after turning me down when I offered to help), the south will get their day.


Nowhere Arkansas? Seriously?
Silicon Valley is still the Silicon Valley of the maker movement (and breeding a lot of companies from it).


I know. I try not to say anything bad about their chances (since after being rejected anything I say about them is just sour grapes). I don’t think they have the right people to accomplish their lofty ambition, unless the ones hired in where I applied are seriously amazing.

Hey, if they pull it off, awesomesauce. If they don’t… well, glad we didn’t join a sinking ship.


I figure there’s lot more maker work going on in Bentonville/Rogers… (lots of tech imports, lots of old school expertise, and a whole lot more spare cash)

Even Eureka Springs has more going on - though it is focused more on art.


yep, no more can be added


There are 12 listed now. But it appears the 10 limit is “unique” references as there are 2 dups and if I try to add another I get the limit message.

I changed the “not coming” folks to non-referenced names so the next 5 who are coming can add themselves.

All new additions after those will have to be low-tech spelling out their name manually :slight_smile:


I won’t be goin(if anybody cares) (and for comic relief the first time I typed that it was corrected to (I sprinkler cars) ) but didn’t add my name making it hard for someone who is going to add theirs…


Sunday for me


This made me laugh really hard. Is that a common phrase? I might have to appropriate it… :joy:


I’m exhibiting on Saturday and Sunday and will be there mid Friday


Either you have not yet been told what booth you are assigned… or you are a cruel man.