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Good afternoon everyone.

A couple questions

  1. what plywood from a Home Depot or Lowe’s type store works good in the glowforge?

  2. has anyone ever used old pallet wood in their glowforge



1: none, particularly. You’re after “Baltic birch” if you can get it, and it’s much less expensive to find locally.

Try searching for “Baltic source”, (or “[whatever] source”), you’ll get all sorts of pointers.

2: not that I’ve seen, but I’m sure they’d engrave nicely. The only thing I’d be careful of is that generally pallets are treated with lots of chemicals, anti rot and pesticide stuff. I’d be sure your ventilation is really airtight before working on pallet wood.


As the other Evans said, Baltic Birch is your best bet but is often not available locally. I have cut a fair amount of home store wood, look for good solid cores for your best results. Always check the actual thickness as what the wall says is almost always way off. I’ve had 1/4" run anywhere from 0.190 to 0.255".


I use the 1/8" stuff from Lowes quite often. Even their cheapest. You can get voids and glue spots that make it a challenge to get through but it works. Lot of it depends on the core.

I have used from a local hardwood supplier both Baltic and Cherry, at awesome deals 8’ x 4’ for under $20 a sheet and then take a circular saw to properly size it for the Glowforge 24 panels per each sheet.
I have only used the stuff they have at Home Depot once. and had nothing but problems with it with voids and glue spots all through the inner core.

look around for local lumber yards or small lumber dealers. they can be a good source for baltic birch and often some interesting exotic woods.

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I have had very good results with Loews 1/4" Oak plywood. You have to go through their stack for fewest knots but while there is some fill it is not too terrible and cuts just a bit less than the wood. . Very much cheaper is what they call "Revolution"plywood that has a very nice pattern on one side only. The Oak will engrave reasonably and is quite strong. Revolution ply is much weaker.but its price makes it the best for experimental work, and can still make very nice results.

Both of these come in 48" x 96" sheets and 19 x 5 = 95 which leaves an inch for kerf. as the Glowforge cannot reach the full 20" on the bed, this is the most efficient way and if you have a Pro you can use just what you need though 10" slices of the 48" you get 4 pieces @ 10" and another at 8" which gives you 25 pieces for your basic or plus and at $15 a sheet for the Revolution that is about $0.60 a sheet in the Glowforge and you can’t find much else even that low a price.

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This is a box i made from Revolution ply…


Understand, but I’ve had really good luck with birch plywood from both HD and Lowes. My daughter is a Front End Manager for Home Depot so she’s always on the lookout for nice pieces for her dad!

Granted like others have said there are voids and knots you’ll have to contend with, but for the price you can’t beat it.

Also - Amazon does sell good stuff - this is my latest buy:

And I’m very happy with it. You can’t beat 2.50 a sheet!


You sure can. I get mine for $14.50 for 15 sheets.

Local sources tend to be way cheaper, there are lots of threads about it.

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