Newbie questions! Where do i find material shipped by GF?

Hello All,

Just bought my GF. Excited for it to arrive. I’ve always been creative and primarily make pens. Anyways…

I know GF sells material for the GF. Where is the link to buy that at? I’d like to stockpile some before my unit arrives. Also, any recommendations for software to use? I’m 100% new to designing anything on a computer.


Welcome!! And congrats on your purchase!

You should be able to access the Proofgrade materials here (the ones that Glowforge designs to work with pre-defined settings):

Using Proofgrade is a really great way to get started. Your Glowforge will also come shipped with a few samples, but I recommend picking up some of the Maple and Walnut Plywoods (my favorites).


Also, if you are looking for software- a great way to get started is with Inkscape. It is free!

If you happen to have Adobe Illustrator (stand alone, or included in a “Creative Cloud” subscription) that is also a great tool. Others use a program called Affinity Designer. It is reasonably priced, at around $50 or so. There are some good resources on here that have a lot of great info on getting started- be sure to have a read here:


Thank you for the information! I really appreciate it! Happy forging!

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That link is available from the GFUI ( that you’ll be in whenever you’re using your :glowforge: too! I can never remember the address, so that’s where I go to find it :slight_smile:

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Funny :blush: I’m never in the app when I go to buy things so I always have to start typing the URL and see if it comes up (I think it’s store as often as shop so sometimes it takes 2 tries).

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