Newbie. Turning Logo into multi layer cut

Newbie here at graphic art. Im trying to convert my company logo into a multi layer file for cutting

Black hair
Body and her left arm
Top and skirt
Her right arm

I have Silhouette Studio on a PC and I have Illustrator on the iPad. Any tips, suggestions?

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Does studio have a trace function?

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I use Inkscape so I am not familiar with those programs.
In inscape, you can “trace bitmap” then “brake apart” to get single lines. Here is it done that way in inkscape ad saved as an svg for you. I needs to be cleaned up some (lots of little fragments that can be removed.
This is going to be tough to cut out because each line is so close to each other. What I do in those cases, I go in and move the nodes around to widen all the narrow spaces, but don’t know how to do that in other programs, or what they even call those.



Cuttle has a feature to distribute stacked layers.


is Cuttle a program like Inkscape ?

Yes, It is a vector editing program. But it is online and was made for cutting machines.

Cool. Thank You. Will look into it

That seems like one feature I would really like. May go look closer at cuttle now. Thanks

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@usabraz2000 @Pearl We did a live workshop a few months ago about making layered creations in Cuttle. There’s a video recording of it here in case it’s helpful:


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