Newest test, new page to contain it all, follow if you’d like

First off let me say project over load lately, I have consolidated all of my projects into one location in a Facebook page, still have to upload some older ones. The page name is, feel free to check it out like or comment on anything you have questions on. I also created two groups with in the page, mainly for fellow glowforgers. One for others to share their projects and to talk about all things lasers, the other for help and tips in photoshop and illustrator. Anyone’s welcome to join in on those as well.

Anyways onto the next test I was talking about:

That’s right, coasters.
First test on lower setting failed, these settings work good:
Speed 1000
Power 15 vary
225 lines

Hope it helps someone.


Turned out great! :slightly_smiling_face:

Standard pressed fiber coasters? I tried those and had trouble with ashiness and smudging. Yours look pretty good though!

100 4" Round Heavyweight Blank Plain Off-White Paper Coasters for table, DIY Crafts, Zen Tiles Designs

It was those. Looks like paper coasters. I had no idea where to starts so started low at 5% then worked up to the 15. Might try 20 next just to see if it shades a bit darker.

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And this was just one pass? They look great!

Yup just one time took ten minutes run time, have to do on vary power to get it to work though

I’ve never really messed with vary power much. What does that enable it to do?

It is supposed to be for rasterised images for multiple shades of grey colors but not sure why I needed it here might be because I used the trace freature first to add this image.

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Ah, I see.

Its primary intent is 3D engraving - ie achieving depth, which it does by varying the laser power within a defined range, with the power level determined by the gray level.

It can be used creatively though in engraving rasters. The typical raster engrave will use a dithering method (tiny dot patterns) to represent the different values in a design. With the vari-power, you can achieve a constant-on state with the laser, achieving perfectly solid fills. This can be great for doing engraves on materials like slate, etc.

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Great quote and nice engrave. Thanks for the settings…

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