Nice gift idea but could use some help

I bought these scrapers for less than a dollar a piece at a local chain. While I continue to learn my Adobe illustrator I did another trace on the gf bed. I like the idea but way too dark. I didn’t mask this as the first pass was masked and it only engraved the frog tape. I don’t remember settings because I’m a bobble head. I did prop up the end of the handle so it would be even. My daughter’s name is Virginia and she loves hearts and cookie batter. Any quick help so I can make more for Valentines’s Day. Thanks



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Fun project … she will love it!

Well, so long as you didn’t change any settings after using the frog tape, then the glowforge auto save function should have your settings still saved. Otherwise, I’d say your best bet is to buy a few more extras and test for your own settings.

In me experience there are some projects that I wish I had used masking, while others, I’m glad I didn’t. I guess it depends on how the material reacts to being lasered ie: Does it burn, melt, or get vaporized? Another thing a friend of mine has suggested is start with low power, lower speed, I wouldn’t necessarily start with anything lower than 650 speed, but the slower the laser, the longer the it will “sit” in one spot relatively speaking.

The same can be said of upping the lpi from the default 270 (I think that’s what it is) to something higher like 340 or even 450. It’s a similar concept to slowing the speed down, as it will reduce the space between each horizontal pass.

With power, as I mentioned, lower is better than high, so long as you don’t move your work after the initial engrave. In the past I’ve engraved over the same spot until I got my desired effect while moving the power up by 5 each time, it also gives you a better idea of what the power increments are.

Anyway, I hope this helps, and if it doesn’t, I hope that someone comes in with more specific details to get this project done! Good luck!

Thanks. It all helps as this is all completely new to me

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