NIH Approved Shield Files

Hi all,

Just wanted to throw this in here. Our team over at have been working closely with individuals both in the 3D printing and medical research communities to bring you NIH approved face shield designs. We currently offer two models on our website that have been NIH approved and one that has not.

The 3DVerkstan shield does not require any material to secure it to the face as it has a natural clamping force when cut out of acrylic. This is one of the smallest and easiest shield files to print at this time.

The Joel Telling “Manta Ray” shield design is a combination of the farther away shield of the Prusa RC3 design and the 3DVerk head attachment. Note that while this design does meet all of the NIH standards, it is still in the testing and approval cue.

Files can be downloaded at

If anyone has any questions, feel free to DM me here or at


Thank you for sharing.