Ninja motorcycle

Here’s a motorcycle model assembled from a purchased svg from MakeCNC, which is about nine inches long and used two and a half sheets of :proofgrade: medium draftboard. It didn’t take too long to cut, but it took most of my Sunday afternoon to assemble. If you like puzzle models like this, you should check out this site. BTW I am not in any way affiliated with these folks other than being a satisfied customer.


Very cool, I love those kind of project/puzzles.

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Really nice model. I probably would have painted it before assembly, but it looks great bare, too.

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Nice project.

Very crisp!

Came out great! MakeCNC is a wonderful resource. I used them for the little HO scale house I made out of 1/16" material. They have a lot of model railroad scale stuff as well as everything else.

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Nice job. I have purchased a motorcycle pattern but have not yet cut it. I hope when I do it will come out as well as your’s did.

Whoa…that’s just awesome!

The real question is, does it roll?

Super cool, these 3D puzzle type projects are out of my depth, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy seeing them!


Are you asking for the file? It is a purchased file from the MakeCNC site listed above. As such I cannot post it for download.


Also, note that it is against forum rules to ask for files here.