Ninjago temple - perfect birthday project

As most of our LEGO purchases end up in our growing brick collection I did not want to buy another large set for my sons 7th birthday. How to save the birthday? Glowforge to the rescue! It really is amazing what this precision Maschine enables me to do during a weekend!! Inspired by this design [] I only had to make some minor changes to the design to make this Ninjago temple which my son loved!! Thanks to GF for making this possible for someone with neither artistic, mechanical or great CAD skills.

Sorry about the rotated pictures, don’t know how to correct that…


Wow, they should love that play set! I know my kids would!!

Awesome job!


(And yes, that IS a complete sentence.)


This is AMAZING!

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That’s freakin’ awesome!

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Holy jumpin’ catfish! That’s spectacular.

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Awesome birthday gift.

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Your son is rightfully thrilled. Well done!

Will you adopt me?

Really amazing creation!

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Epic build!! How many pieces altogether? Your project rivals some of the builds by @evansd2 and @designvh619!

Wow and Wow…

two sentences

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D.A.M.N. That’s amazeballz.

Oooo! Now I just need the shrink ray from Honey I shrunk the kids. :slight_smile:

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Ha, thank you :pray: . There were many parts, about 300. But as I basically used a design from someone else there was nothing more required than patients, some cheap 3mm plywood and paint (well, and my GF of course). Quite an empowering tool we’ve got​:+1:

So cool!

You have to edit those to make sure the rotation is correct. What camera are you using? Sometimes the display automagically rotates the images that are sidewise and you don’t realize that the native image is still rotated. Just open them in your phone app and edit and that should work, usually.

But man, that is just spectacular in every way!!!

Very cool build with a nice paint job.