Nintendo Mushroom Needle Minder

As an essential worker it’s stressful when all I do is go to work and go home exhausted. Too exhausted to design something new for the laser and want to help flatten the curve by not going out to relieve the stress. So I fell back into cross stitching. You follow a pattern so its mindless but yet not. It takes focuses your mind and you get a frame worthy piece of art when you are done. And it worked wonders on my mental health.

But…it sucks to lose track of the needle and then you live in fear of stabbing yourself looking for it.

I been just sticking in the work, until someone suggesting getting a needle minder magnet.

So…I made my own! I know it’s simple compared to all your projects but love making something useful


Simple, yet cute and practical! When I was young I stepped on a needle and we only found half of it. I spent hours in the ER getting x-rayed and such and we never did find the rest of that needle. So I’m a fan of the needle minder!


Oh, the cuteness of it! I love it, and now feel that I must make one myself, as I have issues with losing needles when working on embroidery or needlepoint. What a great idea! And your cross stitch is lovely, I’m glad you have it for decompressing…And thank you for the work you are doing.


I think this is not only a fabulously useful thing…but, it’s so cute, too. I glued a small magnet on each side of my stitching pony for the same reason. When stitching leather, if you have to put it aside for any reason, there are two needles that can disappear, so the magnets keep them in sight until I can resume. Nice functionality from you!


I could have used something like that during my cross stitching days… can’t tell you how many needles I’ve lost… then painfully found.


Nice practical design - and I love your cross stitch butterflies.


So cute and clever!
I’ll have to make a needle minder for some of the ladies in my crafty meetup group!


I own a retail needlework shop - needle minders are hugely popular as it’s a form of art and practical. This is really cute.


Fabulous idea! Plus I’m sure it lifted your spirits to take a bit of time to make something! Love it!