Nintendo switch gift card

my husband’s nephew just got a switch so we got him a gift card to the online store for his birthday. Decided to make this little card, the “screen” comes out and has the gift card code engraved on the back! I used PG basswood and inlayed PG walnut


This is smashing! I might have to do something similar, for family. Planning a few gift cards for struggling members so themed holders would be fun.


Brilliant! My kids have Switch fever, this is a great idea! (Read: totally poaching.)


do it! if you want I can post the file, it’s pretty easy. I just had the switch in front of me to make sure the placement of buttons was correct


I hesitated to do this at first because of course now everyone expects this kind of thing for Christmas lol. It’s one of the beauties of having this machine though!


Posting the file would be cool, but totally not necessary. It’s a pretty easy design to draw from scratch. I ALWAYS give gift cards, and the past few years with the GF, I’ve done some sort of custom holder. Pretty much every gift to people outside of our own house is done with “Jarvis.” :slight_smile:

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Here’s the file, it was pretty easy to make since it’s all rectangles and circles.

This one is pretty small, but I needed it to fit into an envelope.



Clever. Very cool.

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Nice idea. Thanks for the share!

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Nice inlay job!

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Very thoughtful, thanks for the file.

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It’s perfect for the occasion! Thank you for sharing your file.