Nip Carrier

So our grandson introduced his grandmother to a brand of apple pie liqueur. She really enjoyed it and wanted to know what other flavors they had. I went out and got the 8 different flavors they had in that brand in nips for her to try. Then I thought that would make nice holiday gifts if I only had a box for them. No problem I have a GlowForge. I hope some one can use this design. Remember drink and don’t drive, and for adults only.

Here are the files:
Bottom Complete Carrier Handle Long side Short Divider Short Side

Here is the zip file:
Nip (8.8 KB)


Thanks for the file. I’m sure this will be a well received gift.


That is so cute! A great addition to the bottle carrier file, and should be really popular for the holidays. Thanks!


Cute little carrier! Thanks for sharing.

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Definitely a fun holiday gift! Thank you!

…and now I have another alcohol to give a whirl - Apple Pie sounds lovely!

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