No artwork error message

I’ve been working on a project and suddenly my forge is giving me the following error message, “No artwork.” I’ve tried resizing my work and removing some of the wood that is to be engraved yet, to no avail. Any suggestions???

Have you selected material? Does the file show on the bed but outside the usable area? Have you converted your text t paths.


two things help cause this

  1. like already said you are outside the boundary of the usable area.

  2. you have a super spiffy(if you don’t mind saying so yourself) file that you either created or editted. that some how has managed to get a a tiny bit off the hinterlands far beyond what you can see.

you fix number 2 by zooming out the image in whatever program you are using and doing a select all. if you suddenly see some odd dots highlighted you’ll know that’s the problem.

I found this fun fact out when i’d cut and pasted some things together into one file. turned out I’d had a small rectangle off to the side a fair amount. didn’t even remembe MAKING the stupid rectangle in the first place.

This happens to me all the time if I forget to set my material.
If you provide a screenshot we might be able to help if you can’t figure it out. :slight_smile:

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