No artwork message when trying to use the whole bed

I’m trying to cut marmak3261 's framing square but keep getting the "no artwork message. I’m trying to use the proofgrade medium acrylic and maximize my material. When I load the image the no artwork shows up so i bump the image up one arrow up and the Ready shows back up. but there is quite a bit of waste on the right so i wanted reduce the waste and move the square over to the right.

When I click on the square to move it, the available area on the proofgrade material shrinks.

I still moved it over to the right and when i deselect the image it shows the whole material area and it looks like its within the sheet.

But it wont allow me to print because of the “no artwork”

Its odd that when i select the artwork, the proofgrade shrinks. When i have a piece of cardboard in the bed it doesn’t seem to change at all.

And when reset the image back to the orignal position where it will print and run a test score on some cardboard, there is exactly 1" on the right of the bed.

Is this expected to only have 18" available, given 1 " on each side isn’t printable?
Maybe I’m just a material miser but i really hate to waste 1" on the right.

If your file extends into the grey no-go zone, the file will be greyed out as non-printable and will generate the no artwork message. Use your arrow keys to nudge it to the left (and down if needed) until you are out of the zone, and you should be fine.

Update: If you can’t fit the entire item into the engravable zone, try reducing the LPI by one notch. This often “widens” the allowable zone.


I thought you could print a design that went out a little over 19 inches? But, yes the area you can see in the preview is more than the area you can print.

No. Right now it’s supposed to be 19.5" for cuts. The bed itself is wider than 20" so you should see a bit of space on one side or the other.

The 1" difference between the 19.5" and the to-be supported 20.4" is not split evenly on both sides though. On my PRU it was 2/3rd on the left and 1/3rd on the right so I tended to do things right aligned. I haven’t checked my Pro but others have noted the same - the 19.5x11" cuttable area is not necessarily centered on the bed.


Plus, I believe this design has engraves for the tick marks and the numbers and the printable area for engraves is even smaller yet and will likely always be smaller than for cuts based on speed.


Thank you @jamesdhatch and @markwal, that’s right, your Glowforge can currently print up to 11 x 19.5 in. Engravings take extra room to speed up and slow down, so the area may be a bit smaller. We’re working on software improvements that will increase the printable area.