No Artwork - Suggestions? [Resolved]

No clue what ive done wrong. It’s a clean SVG

Have you entered the material thickness in inches in the Unknown Materials slot?

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What @Jules said and check your SVG for elements that exceed the print size. If the whole drawing is one element having just the slightest part out will shut the whole thing down.

I did since its just paper i went with .011

Wouldnt the boundaries show if i had an outside element?

see pic to show boundaries

Can you zip the SVG file and load it up here so someone else can test it to see if it loads?

Deleting that design board and going back to home then reuploading the image fixed it. Thank you all for your help.


Glad you got it working but no, you can have stuff out of bounds and not see it.

Did not know that thank you!

@anthonyeco we’re glad to see you figured it out! Thank you for the help everyone.