No assembly instructions?

I printed the Storge Box 3mm but don’t see any plans for assembly. it looks to be fairly involved so any help would be appreciated.

Is that a Glowforge design? If it’s from the catalog, then while you have it open, click the 3 dots in the menu and choose “Design Details”. This will show you the assembly instructions for that design.


and this “open in new tab” button is your friend!



not glowforge but I used the same material, medium draft board. I did click the three dots but the design details it locked.

What is the benefit pertaining to my question?

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What “Storage Box 3mm” are you talking about then? There are thousands of products with that name.


Because then you can see the instructions without losing your current window.

Also: Moving this to Everything Else since MOAG is for showing things you’ve created.


Sorry dan84 it is a Glowforge project. My memory sucks.

Jim Babka

If it came from the Glowforge Catalog, the “design details” option would not be greyed out. Where exactly did you get it? I’m sorry to keep providing unhelpful responses, but there’s no context here to use to help find you some assembly instructions.


Please load the design in the app and share a screenshot or share the link to the item in the catalog – that will help us help you without so much guessing.

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Where did you get the design? You said it’s from Glowforge. Do you mean the Glowforge catalog? Or maybe the Glowforge forum in the free laser design section?
Even a link to the item would be helpful to understand what you are talking about. We all try to help each other out here but we do our best to treat each other nicely and appreciate each other’s help.


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