No Clicking at Start Up/Orange Button

Hi friends! I just want to cry!

I just received a new carriage on Saturday to fix a previous error. I was able to complete several jobs with no problems. Then I started to get stuck on focusing. I re-connected WIFI, cleaned all lenses/mirrors, checked all cables, un-hooked the white cable from the printer head and re-connected it with a successful ‘click’ and now when I do all these things, it stays on focus and there’s no ‘clicking’ at the start up. I’m already in contact with customer support.

UPDATE: just turned it on and it went through the start up (it’s very sporadic trying to get it to start up) and now it’s stuck on centering with an orange button.

I would be grateful for any suggestions to try!

A common reason for the machine to get stuck on “focusing” or “centering” is a poor wifi connection. You can try a couple things to see if they resolve it:

  • Restart your wifi router, then your Glowforge
  • Move the wifi router closer to the Glowforge
  • Use an app on your phone or the router’s software to see what channels have the most interference from nearby networks, and set your router to broadcast on a different channel
  • Connect your Glowforge to a mobile hotspot instead of your home router
  • Consider any new sources of interference, like new bluetooth devices or smart home devices you may have recently set up when this problem began – there have been times people had connectivity issues until they turned off a new mouse or a new Apple TV for example

An orange button often indicates the machine is too cold, too hot, or the ribbon cable into the print head is not fully connected.


Thank you! I will try the WIFI route. I double checked all cables and when I started it up just now there is no orange button…so praying it’s the WIFI.

Delete all ur conputers cache aswell reboot wifi let router runs uts course turn on computer let wifi set up then turn on your glowforge

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