No colors into layers

All - i’m coming back from a few months away from GF and finding the interface different from what I remember. in the past, I remember the glowforge interpreting different colors as different parts of an image that could be cut separately. I also remember exporting from Illustrator in nonresponsive SVG and uploading to GF. Now with the same steps GF seems to group everything together into a single layer. They are absolutely different colors in AI - here’s the file. Red for cut, green and black for engrave on each side of a token. Any suggestions? Also tried png and pdf for good measure. Am I crazy? did something change or is this another case of user error (wont’ be the first). (939.8 KB)

I took a look at your file and I can definitely see at least 2-3 layers…all stacked on top of each other…with only a red line to cut the circle. No options for different steps. The thumbnail image on my dashboard though shows all those layers are green. I don’t use AI…so maybe someone else may have some input about this.


I opened your file in Inkscape and everything except the cut line is the same color of green. Also, there is no engrave and in the file image above there is no black for engrave.


Well, crap - user error again.


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