No Connection for 4 days!

Sorry to report we have not been able to connect for 4 days. As well connection, in general, has always been a problem. We’ve tried too many things to list. How ever here are the main questions

Is the Yellow caution symbol on the WIFI bars icon normal?
Is the “No internet” normal?


Yes, that is normal while you perform the initial WiFi setup process. You connect to the machines WiFi simply to tell it which actual WiFi to use, then it will connect to the Internet from there.

However, the setup process should also continue automatically as soon as you connect your laptop/computer to the Glowforge WiFi, so the “waiting for you to connect” should not be occurring. The signal appears strong.

This video walks you thru the process:


I’m so sorry you ran into trouble during setup. It looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great! I am going to close this thread now. If you run into trouble again please start a new thread or email us at

Happy Printing!