No! Don't take my GF!

I just received an email from Rita C (Glowforge) saying that they can’t solve my problem and want me to send it back. Subject “[Request received] Replacing your Glowforge” They assigned it ticket #64283.

I don’t even know what problem this is referring to. (Or is this spam? Or was it sent to the wrong person?)

What’s going on?

O no! That’s sad.

It looks like the problem you posted here was worse than you thought. An explanation might be in order for you since it isn’t always a problem. Perhaps the error you encountered is known and that they have identified it as an existing problem that, while intermittant, requires a replacement.

Communication strategy aside, I’d trust that they are following up on an important issue and not just a one time problem.


That’s just the company taking care of you. :+1:
Sad that the exploration of your new tool will be slightly punctuated, but you need to get all that you paid for. They will see to it.


Similar event for me. They could not figure why my GF was not calibrating & I had a new one sent to me within a week & I sent the old one back.


This is pretty impressive, actually. Swapping GlowForge’s is a big deal (shipping, etc.), so they’re clearly taking care of customers!


I didn’t want to say anything as you never know, but I had guessed you’d be getting a new GF when I saw your post about the misaligned print. It happened to me as well and in about 3 days I had a new GF at my door. (I’m in CA so it doesn’t have to travel far.) Sorry about your machine, but this is a good example of the company taking care of you!


I can see that they can’t fix it remotely but several other people have reported the head collides with the case in the front right corner. I wonder if they are all going to be replaced. Do most people not have this problem?

I had the problem only once and it was on a previous machine. I can’t say if I’ve touched that corner in my current machine.

I believe you can verify the email but sending an email directly to , but most likely it is real and @Rita is being proactive to make sure you get the best experience with Glowforge.

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I guess it doesn’t matter, but how many cases did you open?! Either way, at least one of those cases warrants replacing your unit.

Unlikely, since you opened a case, but certainly possible. If you suspect this is a phishing attack that happened to coincide with your real case, you should examine the e-mail headers to ensure the envelope is actually from You could also initiate an e-mail (NOT reply) to to have them validate said message.

Also unlikely, since you opened a case and replacement is a plausible resolution for that case. But certainly possible.

You opened a case regarding a “slip” in cutting. The resolution of that was complete replacement. You were subsequently contacted via e-mail to facilitate that replacement.

Hope that helps!

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You don’t understand! I’ve emotionally bonded with it!


Well you have come to the best Glowforge Therapy Group around.

We will get you through the next bonding process, but your sanity level might be questioned by friends and family after GF :glowforge: addiction level rockets up!


They might want it back to examine to rectify the problem going forwards.


In my personal experience, the process is very quick and relatively painless. The worst part, really, is boxing it up and getting it shipped out. The turnaround has been amazingly fast.

As you’ve bonded with this one, you may want to imprint it with a different name as to not sully the memory. When you’re ready to bond with your active Glowforge, the following should happen:

You: "Everything’s going to be alright."
Glowforge: "Now that you’re here."
You: "Do you trust me?"
Glowforge: “With my life.”

After a successful job, your Glowforge may come to you…

You: "Hello, Glowforge. How are you feeling?"
Glowforge: "Did I fall asleep?"
You: "For a little while."
Glowforge: "Shall I go now?"
You: “If you’d like.”

This will ensure a positive continued relationship with your Glowforge.


Chuckle! I understand very well…I got a little choked up over sending back the PRU unit after our nine glorious months together.

I hope they treat her well, she’s still running strong.

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I wonder what will happen to the what must be hundreds of returned machines by now. A lot of them only need a small fix but can’t really be sold as new.

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Well, I’d say either all working parts are put back into circulation or we’ll one day see

We might see refurbs for sale once all the pre-orders go out. It would be fantastic in my eyes if they were donated to education, too.


Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I responded to GF this morning. I’ll be sending it back *sniff* as soon as the shipping labels are ready. But the replacement should arrive shortly after.