No glow in the tube or coming out of print head

I had been using my Glowforge for a few months and then took a break (2 months) and now the tube is not glowing… Is there something I can do to troubleshoot? I haven’t used it that much so I would be very surprised if the tube needs replacing already. It also hasn’t been moved or anything.


Ok, this is probably a goes-without-saying sort of thing, but I’m going to say it anyway because I’ve had these issues and felt really silly when I figured it out. First, make sure the job isn’t set to 1000/1 (or whatever the automatic engrave settings are when you just click it but don’t input anything). Second, make sure there isn’t some silly artifact in your design that is getting “engraved” – when this was my problem, it was a very, very pale, very thin, very long line that essentially wasn’t resulting in a visible engrave. The laser was only doing what I told it… I just didn’t know what I had told it and I kept ending the job when I saw it wasn’t “doing anything”. Only to finally realize it was. Third, clean off the tube as best you can. It’s hard to see very-low powered glow, and a dirty tube can totally obscure it.

None of those are probably your issue, because I’m silly. But someone will be along momentarily with solutions beyond “I’m silly and I need to clean my glowforge”.


When in doubt, print the Ruler on PG material :slight_smile:

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Wow. Hahhaa I definitely was thinking, “of COURSE” i set it correctly-- since I was using proofgrade material-- but the qr code was cut off so I had manually selected it at the top left… but forgot to change the cut settings to proofgrade.

oof. I’m embarassed! Take 2 months off and all goes out the window. haha

Thanks again!!


You know your GF was thinking “Is she kidding me… I’ll Never cut through anything at this setting…”

Don’t feel embarassed. I did the same thing a month or so ago. Although I was highly embarrassed when I realized what I did; after taking up time from GF support.


A little voice should squeak out when things are set to 1.

This one would work.


Good catch, @erin.

I’m sorry for the scare, and I’m glad it was an easy fix!