No GlowForge tech response

I have a problem I have been emailing GF support about for approx. 3 months. I have followed all the tech support suggestions from different techs, and GF community. GF has seen fit not to answer any my last few request for tech support
If I had known I would get this kind of support after investing the amount of funds I did , I would have purchased some other machine.

Beyond the manual is the place to discuss modifications to the machine, use of non-Proofgrade materials, etc.

If you’d like help from the community, suggest posting in Community Support and detailing your issue.

Support has been extremely responsive for myself and many others lately, much more than in the past.


I have used all the suggestions from GF tech to solve my problem of GF being offline, and getting WIFI online.

Please note GF was working fine, turned off for the night, tried to start again the next day, the same screen/project was still being displayed, can’t start a new project.

I moved it for you.

What’s the issue you’re having? Dealing with support can be frustrating, I’m a bit surprised at how long it’s gone on.

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Did the machine throw any error messages? Did support recommend trying your cellphone as a hotspot? If you can connect that way that would eliminate problems with the machine and point to the WiFi as the issue.


There was a short period of time when Glowforge had support by phone. I have not heard why it was abandoned. Does anyone in the Glowforge Community know why it was discontinued?
My experience is that when someone buys a product costing a few thousand dollars the manufacturer and supplier provides phone support. I believe Glowforge should as well.

They never posted that, and given that the majority of their funding came from private investment, it’s unlikely they ever will.

They also stopped participating on this forum shortly before the last significant round of funding. It is my opinion, and my opinion only, that it highlighted just how bad support was at that time.

My recent experience has been positive, as I already posted above.

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Perhaps your Wifi provider might be of more help. There has not been much that Glowforge can do about that. I have noticed fewer complaints involving wifi however.

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I have tried 3 different ISP no difference.

It is not my expertise, nor a big Issue I have had, but things as weird as a neighbor’s microwave oven have been the culprit in other cases. It uses the lower range 2.5 MHz and is quite picky so will go off when nothing else does. A lot of folks have used their cell phone as wifi to setup the machine. I did use a tablet as a second computer as I was not able to link the machine up and set it out on its own with just one but I think that was my lack of knowledge.

In any case WIFI issues are not something the folks in Seattle can address at all.

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Just throwing this out there as it’s a super long shot, but years ago a few people reported that having an Apple TV was causing interference that prevented their Glowforge from staying connected to their wifi. If you happened to add an Apple TV to the house when this issue started, try unplugging it. Same with any new Bluetooth devices in the same room as the machine, too.


All of my wifi issues stemmed from my Apple TV. I put them on separate channels and all is well now.


Same here. Apple TV. I keep my Glowforge on its own dedicated guest network now.


GF was working just fine one day, next day of line, unable to get back online even after trying all community forum suggestions.

This is probably interference on your wifi network. Try using your phone as a hotspot and see if you get better results.

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