No high pitch whirring noise

Hi, My glowforge all of a sudden became very quiet. The high-pitched whining noise that it’s always had when running stopped. I have an in-line fan as well so it’s still functional. I checked the main fan and it is still running, so I think maybe the printer head fan isn’t working?

Did you flip the Compact Filter switch (because of the inline fan?)? That reduces the fan speed.

You should see a warning and the print will stop if the air assist fan dies.


If your in-line fan is on, the fan inside of the Glowforge will continue to spin as the air passing through it is causing it to do so. I’d check to see if your compact filter option is turned on, as Jules mentioned, that would definitely make the machine sound a lot less quiet by turning off both the intake and exhaust fans.


This is what it was. Thanks! I clicked it when I was waiting for the computer to come out of sleep wondering if maybe clicking some of the things on the screen would make it refresh quicker?


Glad you found it! (And no, pressing the buttons doesn’t actually speed things up.) :wink:

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Glad to hear you got this issue sorted out! @Jules and @raymondking32, thank you so much for your help! I’m going to close this thread - If you run into any other issues or have any questions go ahead and start a new thread, or feel free to contact us directly at