No, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth

I’ve just been a bit overly anxious and starting to feel a little bit too jealous of the others that got a pre-release, so I took some healthy “me” time to re-focus.

I’ve hammered out a multiplayer turn based strategy RPG game, 2 new board game for casual play, thanks to a friend I’m getting into 3d printing(as soon as I can fix the z axis table, for now I’m figuring out software), and got back into world of Warcraft and raided heroic Nighthold on the regular.

Also, right now sitting 2nd row in the corner at mn wild vs ottawa senators.


Well that’s a relief! I hope you prosper in all these endeavors.


Yeah, enjoy the game! Sounds like an entertaining passtime! :relaxed:

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I’m with you. While I’m happy for the people getting the pre releases I’d be even happier if the final units started shipping. With 10,000 or so to go out by the end of August I imagine they’ll want to start shipping them sooner rather than later. The last thing they’ll want is everyone going online for the first time at the same time.


woot woot!

and… glad to see your not dead.


You suck!


I just saw the score, so just go suck and egg and we will call it even… Sigh.

Also good to see you back. You were missed.

PS I am actually born and raised Montreal, just the wife in ottawanian. So to Habs!


Sounds like you’re making the most of your time! Good to hear!

On a side note, how far would one have to fall to be considered not “on the face of the earth” anymore?

Would that be like below sea level? Mariana trench deep? Maybe below the crust…

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Appearantly if you were watching the game you probably saw me a ton of times. Like raising a fist in cheer at mn’s first goal. I’m the large guy with dark green shirt at the corner. Next to a guy in blue.

My wife told me so. Lol


I hear ya. The kitchen cabinet project I got roped into cost me some forum points as well.


Looks like my Habs clinched last night. The wife’s Sens because of the list to you are still not guaranteed a spot in playoffs.

I also fully expect the leafs to still fail…

Maybe we will see each other in the cup!

oh hey, i adopted the habs when i moved here since i didn’t have a hockey team to follow and i like an underdog.

well, i mean. duh.

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Glad to hear…I was just thinking about you the other day since we havent seen you…

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Sounds like yoy’ve been having fun. Keep it up, this wait can’t last forever, can it ? :tired_face:


It certainly feels like forever.


At least the forum helps… :relaxed: