No internet says offline

can someone please help. I have had my glowforge for 8 months and had no problems with it. But now it wont connect to my internet and just says no internet all the time. I havent changed anything, I have tried all the tasks that are on the support pages but nothing is helping could someone help me please. I have also rebooted my glowforge.

If you have repeated the wifi setup and nothing else has changed, the wifi module in the machine may have failed. Use the Contact Us form on the support home page to send exact details of the steps you have taken to support.


Sometimes a new device causes interference, and it is possible wifi interference can originate outside of your own network (neighbor). Have you tried to bypass your home wifi and setup the Glowforge using your phone as a hotspot?


Yes and it says connected to device. Can’t provde internet.

Can you share the screenshot of that error message? I have never seen something saying “can’t provide internet”.

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You get a “no internet” on your computer during setup when you connect computer to GF’s setup wifi. But after GF gets the wifi credentials you should be able to move on with both GF and computer on the home wifi network.


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