No laser

trying to do a batman cut out and i’m not getting any laser WHY?

Welcome to the forum.

Have you double checked your settings? Is there a possibility that you have duplicated your design and have it stacked?


Welcome to the community! If you post a picture of your GFUI showing everything from the commands on the left, to the name of your machine on the right it may help us diagnose :slight_smile:


Batman doesn’t do anything the easy way. Lol. Sorry I had to say it.

But it could be an issue with the file or the laser itself or something else. Do you have any info about the file or other signs of what could be going on?


Most of us have had a case where the power goes to 1 and that barely scorches anything. It is because if the power was supposed to be low and was way too high you could have a fire. It is good to double check that before cutting,

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