No light or calibration

Got my machine after a long wait, however, followed all the steps to the T, and I got as far as connected to WiFi etc. went to attempt to print and it says lid open and there is no light onthe GF, no Calibration no nothing! Followed pretty much every suggestions here and still nothing. I can’t print can’t do anything! Please advise

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Welcome to the community! When you close the lid of the GF do the lid lights brighten?

If they do not then I would check the front flap and make sure there is a magnet on the left and the right side (see image below). I say this because my new GF has been having problems with the door magnet coming out when opening it and if that happens then the lid sensor might not be getting triggered.


Ugh that bites! A staff member will be along ASAP to help, but in the meantime I’d also suggest (with it off!) check the connections to the cables. The white cable runs between the head and the case - and the black cable that runs between the camera and the case - make sure both of those are seated fully.

Also, if you have a Pro, there’s a little staple looking thing at the back of the machine right next to the power switch - make sure it’s fully seated as well.

No light, contact is made.

All cables seated properly and still no luck

Just to clarify, when you say “no light” are you meaning the LED strips in the lid are not brightening when you close the lid?

yes, no light at all open or close. The only thing work is the Teal button.

@rohmac2005 I am so sorry your Glowforge printer is saying the Lid is open and the LED lights are not lit when the printer is turned on. It looks like you created another forum post and sent us an email regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close the forum posts and follow up with you via the email.