No lights inside Glowforge

I recently broke a wheel. Changed it cleaned my fan then decided to wipe down my Glowforge. After wiping it down with a microfiber clothe and a mild soap on the bed and glass. My LED lights do not lightup and camera can not take a picture. Followed the video on how to fix by making sure cables are connected. I still get the same message and still no LED lights.

Please help I’m getting depressed.

It is possible that moisture has come in contact with some of the electronics when you cleaned. You can open the lid and circulate air for a day or so in hopes that it dries.


It sounds like you damaged or disconnected the black lid cable, which is what carries power to the lights and camera in the lid, and carries the photos from the lid camera back to the controller in the body of the machine.

You can get some photos of what the connections are supposed to look like along with instructions for replacing the cable here:


Is there anyway i can get a call. Because i removed the cable to see if that was the problem with the camera then no lights and no camera. Is it possible to get a call so that if it is damaged i dontbmake the same mistake.

Glowforge does not offer support by phone, nor do they monitor this community forum. You can open a support ticket for help by clicking “support” at the top of the page, or by emailing I would suggest taking and sharing photos of all of the ends of the cable and of the circuit board the cable connects to near the hinge.


That is not great customer service at all. To pay all of this money for a machine and i get a live person to help me with my issue. WOW!!! This is unexceptible. This may force me to terminate my relationship with Glowforge. Im highly disappointed to take my business somewhere else due to lack of support.

The people that will answer your support ticket or email are live people who will help with your issue. In my experience, those people provide exceptional support for their products. If you want to “terminate your relationship”, Glowforges do hold resale value very well, so you can sell your machine to someone else after you get it fixed.


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