No longer getting straight cuts, right side of track moves faster than left side

A couple of days ago I was using my machine like I normally do, when I was on my last cut I noticed the cuts were not straight, for example, the circle I was cutting was more like an oval. I thought there might have been something wrong with my design so I tried it a couple of times and it kept doing the same thing. (this is a design I have cut more than 40 times in the past) On one of the cuts, I heard a loud sound and when I looked at the machine the laser arm was out of track. I turned off the machine and placed it back on track but every time I turned it on and it started doing its thing the laser arm kept falling off track. I cleaned the tracks, made sure the area was cleaned of any particles, and made sure the belts on both sides were tight. I have managed to keep the laser arm on track but now the right side of the track seems to move faster and the left side has a delay, I tried cutting and even engraving and everything is still off my cuts are no longer straight. I have tried aligning it, cleaning it, and tightening belts, I checked for broken wheels and nothing. I don’t know what else to do :frowning:

P.S. I have had my machine since July 2021 and have never had any issues.

How confident are you in the cleanliness and tightness of your belts? What is glowforge recommending? Do you have your machine logs?

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shot in the dark, but you can check to see if the back right belt pulley wheel has started inching off of it’s axle. On my former unit it would occasionally work it’s way loose and eventually start distorting images and cuts. I was able to use my thumb to gently but firmly press it back into place.


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