No Man's Sky Mandala Style Wall Hanging

This was a bit of an experiment. It’s my first attempt at designing my own layered wall hanging and I used this logo image as my inspiration:

The result is a layered wall hanging with 8 pieces of plywood and each layer reveals a little more of the image. I was going for a kind of stone artifact feel:

I also experimented with the finish. As I noted, I was going for a stone look, but I also wanted it just a bit “other worldly.” I painted the layers with silver metallic spray paint and then loaded a marbled texture pattern into the glowforge and etched over the paint on each layer.

This removed some of the paint and I came behind with a blue dye and rubbed each layer with it. The blue gathers in the unpainted areas and also tints the silver to an almost gun-metal blue.

All in all I am pleased, but I wish I had gotten the alignment better on etching the marble pattern. I do want to play a little more with the finish technique (etch away some of the paint and dye the wood), but it can be a little tedious on larger engraves with multiple layers.

Might be fun on a cube…


I love the marble etching!


Very creative!

You might enjoy exploring Rub 'n Buff for the kind of finish you were looking for - not that your piece needs improvement, it’s just a great product that can be used to provide some great results on multiple materials.


Neat! It does sort of look like an alien artifact you might dig up.


Very awesome! Glad someone else enjoys NMS as well :slight_smile:

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The marbled effect is great. Design is super cool too.

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Cool! and I was JUST getting ready to work on making a few small things with metallic-looking spray paint (but it’s snowy here now, so I decided to just wait). This look great!

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