No more scroll saw work!


Tried my hand at tracing a few Christmas ornament scroll saw patterns today and am delighted with my success! They took about 1 1/2 minutes each. And now that they’re scanned and saved, I can make as many as I want. Awesome!


I do a lot of scroll saw patterns with my Glowforge & having lots of fun.


A year ago … I thought I should get a scroll saw … Glad I just waited on the Glowforge.


Very nice! (And there are so many available!) :grinning:


I’ve used a lot of scroll saw patterns for laser cutting - one way to make use of all my old woodworking magazines. These are very nice!


They look great! I’d be itching to add a touch of color.


I’d add colored acrylic to the back, but then I want to add acrylic to everything lol. Really lovely patterns @garyellefsen! I’ve found they work really well with our GF.


One thing scroll saws are good for is moment to moment decisions without setup time or super accurate locations something the laser will not do. For that reason my jig saw is most useful and if I can find the frame for it my jewelers saw as well.