No more worries about The One Ring


…on my table!

Test on draft board. Ordered walnut, cherry and poplar for the finished product. Will post update as soon a share I receive the materials.


Nice job! :grinning:


What a great idea and set! Hope the walnut looks just as good


Really looks nice. I had to create a jig to make my layers line up nicely…repeatedly.


Fantastic! Great work.


That’s awesome! Great idea! :smile:


Oh yes, lining up the edges was a little difficult. I had to sand the edges so it was smooth. I need to by a small rotary sander, my arm was on fire!


That elvish writing is so lovely!


That’s just…precious!

(Really?.. 45 likes and _I’m the one to make this reference! … you guys are soo slipping!)


:smile: Dang!