No poo poo

I had to make this and put it on my fence. I guess I’m initiating my social distancing with me neighborhood dog owners.


Well done :laughing:. What method or adhesive did you use to attach the red acrylic to the white and what is your process to get the engravings so crisp looking? Is this :proofgrade: white acrylic or some other material? Thanks!

Mchris I used weld on 4 as an adhesive. I used proof grade thick white acrylic and let the glowforge set itself to engrave. Nothing special.

Thanks - What did you use for the black fill on the engravings? I’ve been experimenting with acrylic engraving and have had difficulties getting the fill to look as good as I’d like. I’ve browsed the forum for suggestions and have tried different acrylic paints and color fill methods to no avail.

I’ve used cheap acrylic paints on several similar projects, looks just like above. Some of them had some super fine detail.

I used one shot sign painters paint. It’s an oil based enamel. I do a lot of pinstriping and hand lettering so I’m used to the qualities of this type of paint. It takes some getting used to because you need to reduce it with mineral spirits.
There’s some videos on you tube and topics here about using acrylics but I just go with what I know.