No Power Cord in Either Box

My GF arrived today, looks great, but a power cord was NOT included in either box…

Please advise.

Thank you,

Melbourne Beach Bill…; (

In order for Glowforge support to address your problem, you need to post in Problems and Support. I am sure Glowforge will supply a power cord when they see your post there.

While waiting, any desktop computer cord will work for the Glowforge. If you don’t have an extra lying around you can pick one up locally as there is nothing special about the power cord.


Thank you very much for the direction.

Check inside the big piece of styrofoam - at least in mine it was hollow and filled with stuff.


The power cord is a standard item, and can be purchased anywhere!
are you in Australia or Florida?

Thank you, I’m in Melbourne Beach Florida.

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Thank you Deirdre, I’ve double and now triple checked…no luck…; (

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amazon, best buy they all sell them ‘computer power cord’

you dont have to buy this one, they sell as cheap as .99